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Date: Sep 2018
Category: Programming, Prototyping

Simkult is an online simulation game, developed by The Good Evil while I was working there as a programmer, for and in collaboration with the Technische Universität Dresden with the goal of teaching the player how different management behaviors can influence (both positively and negatively) a company’s work environment.

During the game, each player manages a restaurant with the goal of achieving optimal productivity; as the work conditions influence the employees’ morale and thus the productivity itself, it will be fundamental for the players to learn how to handle the different characters (each of which has different traits and stats) and create a healthy environment for the workers.

Employees can be hired from a huge pool of NPCs or even snatched from other players, should they be unhappy with the work conditions of their current workplace.

During development of Simkult, I focused on the implementation of the customer serving minigame, implementing the characters navigation (extending our A* implementation to work on a waypoints net) and interactions.

At the same time, I was in charge of implementing the game’s UI, following the designs provided by the art department and the dependency charts provided by the game designer.