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Serena Supergreen

Date: Jul 2017
Category: Programming, UI/UX Design

Serena Supergreen und der abgebrochene Flügel is a serious game for young players (12 to 16 years old) focusing on the different aspects of many technical jobs and it’s the result of the cooperation between The Good Evil, the Wissenschaftladen Bonn and the Technische Universität Dresden.

It is a point and click adventure with branching dialogues and numerous minigames inspired by the usual tasks carried out by different kind of workers (e.g. soldering electronic components), with the goal of overcoming the gender gap that still surrounds them.

During the development of Serena Supergreen, I took part in the creation of the framework used to create the game in the Unity engine.
My main tasks were to create export tools for Photoshop (scripting in Javascript) with relative import tools for Unity (scripting in C#) for a better development workflow, and to take care of the game UI (chat and inventory navigation, dialogues visualization and so on).
This required me not only to script such tools, but also to define easily understandable usage guidelines for the game artists to follow.

Finally, and similarly to what happened with Photoshop 2D art, I also took care of the implementation of Spine-created characters, with relative animation trees setup and scripting as well as tools to allow clothes switching.