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A challenging puzzle game about making movies in 1980s Hollywood.
Figure out the perfect timing of props, actors, and special effects as the Director.
Then jump into the scene as the movie's star in a traditional 2D platformer.

It’s a Wrap!

Date: Jun 2022
Category: Game Design, Level Design

In June 2022, I joined Chanko Studios to work on their debut title as a Game Designer.

It’s a Wrap! is a challenging 2D puzzle platformer set in 1980s Hollywood, where you play both the director and the star of action-packed, low-budget films.

All you wanted to do today was shoot a nice little popcorn movie, but everything is going wrong!
As the director, you need to synchronize the actors and props that are messing up their timings. Then, as the movie’s star, you need to remember your script and play out the scene—without getting crushed by that giant boulder!

As I joined mid-way during the development, my tasks were to design the remaining levels and help define and balance the game learning and difficulty curves.