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Amsa social spot

Date: Jun 2012
Category: Advertising

This project was commissioned to the Movie Lab class I took at Politecnico by AMSA (Milan’s cleansing department): our goal was creating a social ad focusing on the glass bottles polluting Milan’s nightlife areas.
We chose a funny and allusive claim, based on some ambiguous situations between the two characters, because we thought it would have been the best choice for the target of our campaign: teenagers and young people in general.
Starting with target audience analysis, we came up with a claim and then focused on the storyboard so that when it was completed we knew exactely where and how to shoot (You can see both an image from the storyboard and the resulting frame in the picture below), so we quickly did it in about three days.


Finally we edited all the clips to have all the contents fit in 1 minute, adding sound as the last step before the color correction.
Knowing what the spot subject is obviously takes away it’s hilarity a bit, but imagine watching it for the first time without knowing what type of product/message is it going to publicize!