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Derpy Conga

Date: Oct 2021
Category: Game Design, Level Design, Prototyping

A physics-based puzzle-platformer about the importance of friendship!
Gather all your friends and take them on a journey to save their endangered planet!
Take their hand as you find them and form a conga line to be sure not to leave anyone behind but be careful: the longer the line, the harder to control!
On the other hand (haha!), certain obstacles are easier to overcome when you have friends on your side.

The project started as a Ludum Dare prototype among a group of friends, but then evolved into a more ambitious product that we kept developing in our free time.
Eventually, we were able to go full time on the project thanks to a grant from the German Land of North-Rhine Westphalia; this allowed us to start a studio with the goal of releasing the game on the Nintendo Switch and Steam.

As the designer of the core game concept, I was in charge of designing the game mechanics, the level setup and progression. I also took care of the 3D art production and integration pipeline as well as writing the custom shaders needed to achieve the desired look and performance.

Should you be interested to know more of the project, you can try out a demo on Steam and on the European Nintendo eShop.