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Date: Feb 2013
Category: UI/UX Design, Web Design

This website was developed as final project of our webdesign class during my studying period at the Politecnico di Milano.
The final goal was the development of a design-related-content webzine: we chose generative design because we found it very interesting and because it’s difficult to find easy-reading material on the internet.
We wanted a webzine as simple as possible, so that even people who doesn’t know what generative design is could use it and expand their knowledge in the field.
Using SquareGrid WordPress theme, that allowed us to keep all the news in a single page, loading them little by little, we created a color code for post categories, simplified a lot of unnecessary or unwanted features and changed all the fonts and pagination proportions for an even better full responsive design.
We also added a random generated curves background that refreshes on every click.


In the end, I developed the mobile version (which wasn’t really working with the initial theme) adding a device-detection php code and modifying some details for the touch interface and small screens.