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My name is Corrado and I’m an Italian game developer and graphic designer.
Since 2013, I live in Cologne (Germany) where I got my Game Development Master Degree at Cologne Game Lab in 2016.

In 2020, after working as a Programmer for 4 years at TheGoodEvil, I decided to start my own studio, Giant Door, together with some former classmates and friends; there, I work as Game Designer and Prototyper.
During my studying and working experience, I developed many different projects: from Game Design to Advertising to C# Programming, enhancing both my practical and theoretical skills and learning to follow (alone or in a team) the development of a project, from brainstorming to realization.
You can download my full CV here.

I’m somehow a computer geek (but I’m also a skater!), I love to experiment, to learn new things (skills, programs, languages…) and to develop projects in different fields.

I love when games and design become a language themselves and are able to communicate with people.

To request any further information, or to just simply write me about anything, you can find me at!