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Hello, my name is Corrado!
I’m an Italian game developer and graphic designer based in Cologne (DE) where I moved to study for a Game Development Master Degree at Cologne Game Lab after I got my Communication Design Bachelor in Milan (IT) and where I currently work as a Programmer at TheGoodEvil GmbH.
During my studying and working experience I developed many different projects, from Game Design to Advertising to C# Programming (you can download my Portfolio for a full list), enhancing both my practical and theoretical skills and learning to follow (alone or in a team) the development of a project, from brainstorming to realization.
I’m somehow a computer geek (but I’m also a skater!), I love to experiment, to learn new things (skills, programs, languages…) and to develop projects in different fields.
I love when games and design become a language themselves and are able to communicate with people.
You can find more about me on LinkedIn, and Twitter or you can download my full CV here.
To request any further information, or to just simply write me about anything, you can find me at!

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